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Frequently Asked Trucking Questions

What size containers can you haul?

We can haul 2 containers at a time , 25,30 40 yard containers and Vacuum tanks.

What is the max weight you can haul?

Total weight for a CMV is 80,000 lbs, Container weight cannot exceed 20,000 lbs with material per container equaling 40,000 lbs, we can haul 2 containers or 40,000 lbs including container weight in one container.

What type of material can we haul?

Class 8,9 Hazmat Bulk materials: Asbestos, Lead, PCB, and Miscellaneous Construction Debris. no liquid unless in the proper tank container.

What placards do you normally use?

3432, 3077, 3084

A Class 9 placard is not required for domestic transportation. However, if you are shipping Class 9 hazardous material in bulk packaging, it must be marked and contained with the appropriate packaging ( Container liner) to prevent leakage and identification number displayed.( shipper responsible)

Who sets the appointment times?

The Shipper will get approvals, appointment times, appropriate LDR and signatures on manifests before pick-up can be made.

Can you make multiple stops ?

yes again, Appointment times and paperwork must be in order prior to pick up.

Do you pick up empties at different locations?


What happens on a rejected load?

Shipper will be informed, and a decision will be made whether to leave container at destination or returned to shipper for additional fee.

Do you charge Detention time?

Delays due to improper paperwork, appointment times will be charged $150/hr over 2 hours..